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10 Things You Should Never, Ever Do Before Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be everything you want it to be. That is, if you don't do any of these 10 things...

1. Let guests rsvp less than a month out

Caterers usually need your guest guarantee a month before the wedding so that they know how many people to plan on for the meal. This is usually when your final payment is due, so it helps to know how many guests you will need to pay for. About a month before the wedding is when you'll want to have your rsvp deadline. Any guests who do not respect the deadline should not be included in the headcount, unless there's an extenuating circumstance (things happen).

2. Go to bed angry at your spouse

This is the golden rule of marriage. No matter what you both fight over, it's important that you recognize that it's not you vs your partner. It's you and your partner vs the problem. Tackle problems as they come up and certainly do not let them fester overnight. You never know what can happen overnight, so don’t let fighting words be what remains in memory of the day before.

3. Change up your appearance right before the wedding or start a new skincare routine

This refers to haircuts, highlights, dyeing your hair, getting a tan, getting a tattoo or any other major appearance change. You never know if any of these could get botched and result in a bridal look that's anything but elegant. Getting any of these modifications before the wedding might mean there's little to no time to correct any mistakes or anything that you're unhappy about.

4. Change up your workout/ meal plan right before the wedding

Some couples try to workout or diet in overdrive mode as they get to the final weeks before the wedding, which will just exhaust your body and leave you malnourished in a time when stress already plays a huge factor. All of that combined could result in hospitalization, injury, fainting, and much more. More important than being the skinniest version of you walking down the aisle is being the HEALTHIEST version of you. You want your guests to remember you looking healthy and happy going into the next phase of your life- you don’t want to leave them worrying about you.

5. Do a high-risk activity

Want to go skydiving right before your wedding? Please think twice... With any high risk activity, there's always the possibility that you could get seriously injured. This one usually goes without saying.

6. Let others dictate how your day/ mood goes

It is YOUR day. Don’t let anyone let you forget that. You are going to have the most amazing day no matter what happens, because you get to marry the love of your life and you’ll end the day with a partner for life. You deserve to be happy and in the best mood, but also remember that you are the one who dictates your mood. Try not to let little emergencies or pesky wedding guests get you down.

7. Stress the small stuff

You have a whole support system of wedding professionals, friends, and family. Lean on them! Your wedding is far too important of a day for you to throw your mood by stressing over the small details.

8. Let your spouse see your dress

This one is more of a superstition. It is believed to be bad luck to let your spouse see your dress before you get married. So keep those dresses hidden until the big day!

9. Forget to obtain a marriage license

This step is easy to forget. Some couples aren’t even aware that they have to get (or pay for) a marriage license to be legally married. They can be obtained by the county clerk and they usually expire within 90 days so it might be one of those last minute things you’ll want to get no later than 3 months out from the wedding. Once signed by your officiant and 2 witnesses at the ceremony, it's usually the officiant's job to take the document to the county clerk so you can become official.

10. Forget the real meaning behind the day

This is arguably THE most important thing to remember during the planning. With the stress of planning and any drama that can arise with a wedding, it can be so easy to forget the true meaning of the day, which is to get married to your partner. Sure, the wedding is a huge event and all, but it‘s a day that symbolizes your love for one another and your eternal commitment to one another. If everything else goes wrong in the planning, you should at least have peace in knowing that what you’ve waited for for so long is finally drawing near. No matter what goes wrong on the big day or the lead up to it, take peace in knowing you won’t ever have to combat anything alone ever again- from this day forward.

Follow these 10 tips and you'll be set up for success and a good mindset going into your big day.

Until next time,

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