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5 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner

"We're planning our own wedding. How hard can it be?"

This is the mindset of a lot of couples. Some couples think they can save money by foregoing a wedding planner, while others feel like they can handle everything just fine on their own. Well I'm here to tell you that while you CAN plan your own wedding , you really don't WANT to. There are so many little things that a wedding planner does behind the scenes. This may be your first wedding, but it isn't your planner's. He or she has seen a thing or two, and they'll be more equipped with solutions and advice than you may be. I realize that this alone might not be enough to convince some people, so I've prepared 5 other HUGE reasons that you need a wedding planner. So, let's get straight to it- Why do you really need a wedding planner anyway?

1. So that you both have a piece of mind on your wedding day

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Do you want to spend it worrying about if the Best Man remembered the wedding rings, if the decorator will arrive on time, if the DJ will mis-pronounce your bridesmaid's name, if the food will be ready to go, and so on...? Didn't think so. Let a wedding planner take care of all of that unnecessary stress for you! We've been through this a time or two, and we know how to help prevent or fix many of the issues that can arise on your wedding day. If you hire a really great wedding planner, you won't even be aware that there were any problems to begin with. They'll all be dealt with promptly, on the spot, and behind-the-scenes. This means that you can actually relax and enjoy your special day! Trust me, you'll want to soak it all in and remember it!

2. We're problem-solvers

Your Photographer's car broke down? We got you. Your cake got ruined in transport? We'll figure something out. You're getting cold feet before walking down the aisle? Let's get through this together. Whatever the problem- big or small- your wedding planner is there to weather the storm and help bring the sunshine back. It is impossible to foresee all of the problems that may occur before your wedding, but if you have a wedding planner on your side you two can conquer anything together. And the best part about this benefit of hiring a wedding planner is that most times your guests won't even notice there was a problem at all! If you plan your own wedding, chances are that if a problem arises you might have to pull guests in to help you resolve it. Hire a wedding planner so that you AND your guests can enjoy the day and look back at it fondly.

3. We help make your vision come to life

Do you have grand visions of what you want your wedding to look like without the means to figure out how to make it happen? Your wedding planner comes equipped with all of her best contacts and vendor suggestions to give you exactly what you need. Your wedding planner will have contacts for linens, rentals, props, live actors, decorators, caterers, ice sculptors, florists, silent DJs, etc. Whether your vision is complex and unique, or simple and romantic, your wedding planner has the means to make it happen. The best wedding planners never stop learning about new wedding trends and continuously network with new and unique vendors so that they are equipped with contacts and knowledge for you.

4. We'll take care of you.

Did you eat breakfast? Are you drinking enough water? Do you need more champagne? Does your hair need a last-minute touch up? Does your dress need fixing? We don't just plan your wedding and take care of all wedding day logistics. We care about our clients and we do everything we can to ensure that this is one of the happiest days of your life. We don't just take care of your wedding- we take care of YOU. We are also your advocates when it comes to communications and negotiations with other vendors. Having a wedding planner is like having a best friend who's obsessed with your wedding. We're on team #brideandgroom and we will make sure that you and your partner are having the best day ever.

And lastly,

5. Planning a wedding is a lot to do on your own.

There are so many different pieces to planning a wedding, and it can all seem extremely overwhelming. A planner takes all of the tasks of a wedding and organizes them/ breaks them down for you so you get manageable pieces. Hiring a wedding planner means that you have a piece of mind and you don't always have to worry about who is taking care of what. You have one central person that you can go to for any questions or advice. Doesn't that make everything sound SO MUCH EASIER?

Until Next Time!

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