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Brides Share Their Best Wedding Planning Advice

Wedding Planning is stressful and hard. Sometimes when it gets stressful it can seem like you're alone. On top of your regular support group of people (parents, spouse, Maid of Honor, etc.), you'll want to make sure that you have a great support group of people who knows exactly what you're going through. Facebook Groups are great way to meet others going through the same process in your area, and even around the country. You can see how other couples are dealing with similar problems as yours, and it can be a platform for all sorts of advice and encouragement. Especially now, amidst the covid-19 pandemic, it is so important to feel connected with people going through the same thing. You'll find that you have similar emotions and are going through similar thought processes. You may not even realize how much you need a support group or people to bounce ideas off of until you join a group. All of your questions from "Which dress should I pick?" to "Am I being a bridezilla in this situation?" can be answered by a group of your peers, and they're often very supportive.

I used one of my bride 2021 Facebook groups that I joined (as a 2021 bride myself) to ask a group of 2021 brides from around the country what their best piece of wedding planning advice is and here are some of the results (both helpful and entertaining):

  • "Pick your top 3 categories of the things that mean the most to you (ex. photography, dress, food) and book those first/dictate bigger pieces of the budget to your important things!" - Carleena, Mississippi

  • "Go slow! Remember all the moments. You get pulled in so many directions and have so much going on, try to stop and remember all the beautiful moments" - Jackie, Sacramento

  • "Keep your expectations clear and remember that this is the biggest day of your life and not your bridesmaids" - Kellie, Boston

  • "Use the “f&$! It bucket” and throw stuff in there you don’t care about and move on. Garter toss? Screw it. Flowers? Don’t care. Bridesmaids proposals and robes? F it. I have so much stuff in this bucket it’s overflowing." - Kim, Portland

  • "Your wedding is YOUR day. Not someone else's redo or wish list." - Stacy, Sacramento

  • "Your guests won’t remember the centerpieces, the cake, the place cards, etc. But they will remember the experiences! Something that was so unique and engaging that they tell everyone about." - Danielle, Sacramento

  • "Just because they are of blood relation doesn’t mean that you have to invite them to the wedding. You do what you want it is your day. Don’t let other people say who HAS to come to your wedding." - Ciera

  • "Don't let anyone dictate what your day is supposed to look like! It is your day, don't let judgmental family or friends get you down." - Jordan, Troy

And there you have it- some wonderful advice from fellow brides! Don't see the great advice that you've heard? Leave it in the comments!

Until next time,

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