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Easy Fixes to Common Wedding Problems

Here's your guide to combatting pesky problems that arrive on the wedding day.

Problem: There's no knife to cut the cake

Solution: Dental floss works well!

Problem: The cake is frozen when you try to cut it

Solution: Dip the knife in warm water before cutting

Problem: The cake starts to melt

Solution: See if your venue/caterer has a fridge that you can transport it to. If not, see if you can ask the caterer/bartender for some ice and a cooler to store it in

Problem: DJ doesn't show up

Solution: Turn on Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora and see if you can hook your phone/ laptop up to house sound. If an outdoor venue, see if anyone has a speaker in their car. Chances are a Bridesmaid might have brought one for getting ready.

Problem: Your dress rips

Solution: See if the hotel you're staying at has a sewing kit. Most hotels will keep these at the front desk. If your hotel does not have one, your wedding planner should have one handy.

Problem: You get a stain on your dress

Solution: Seltzer water, tide-to-go

Problem: Your heels are irritating your feet

Solution: Put nude Band-Aids on your feet where the shoe rubs

Problem: Your bra straps show under your dress

Solution: Use a paperclip to turn your bra into a racerback shape

Problem: The car breaks down

Solution: If it's time sensitive, try calling a Lyft or Uber or asking one of your guests if they can come pick you up

Problem: Someone's toast is lasting too long

Solution: Have your wedding planner or DJ intervene to keep the speeches moving along

Problem: The Flower Girl/ Ring Bearer are throwing a tantrum

Solution: See if you can make a game out of having them get ready, or if their parents have a toy that they can play with as a distraction. If they are still throwing a tantrum as they walk down the aisle, see if a parent can comfort them and walk them down the aisle and maybe hold them as necessary. Worst case scenario, you don't even need a Flower Girl or Ring Bearer to walk down the aisle. They're mostly added for the cuteness factor, and they can be cute and present during the reception after they've calmed down a bit.

Problem: Chafing

Solution: Use some baby powder, chafing cream, or wear spanx under your dress

Problem: It starts to rain

Solution: This is what a wedding planner is for! We'll make whatever last-minute arrangements we can to make sure that your guests are comfortable and you have a memorable day. Whether this means finding a spot at your venue that's covered to move the reception to, renting a tent, or getting creative with a solution, your wedding planner has got your back!

Problem: Your wedding dress/ tux is wrinkly when you take it out to put it on

Solution: Hang your dress/tux in the bathroom while you're taking a shower. The shower steam should do the trick!

Problem: You wake up on your wedding day hungover

Solution: Drink lots of water, Pedialyte, pop some aspirin, and make sure to eat a greasy breakfast

That's it for today's micro-blog! I hope you enjoyed these tips.

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