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Elevate Your Wedding

Hello friends! Today we are talking all about the fun extras that you can add to your wedding to really give it the WOW factor. I've talked before about the basic vendors: Planner, DJ, hotel, transportation, venue, catering, etc., which are all of the main vendors that you should think about. Those main vendors are all listed here, on my Wedding Vendor Checklist . And that checklist is great for keeping track of all of those core vendors on one neat page (which is something you should be doing anyway). But now it's time to talk about another category of vendors. These are vendors that you may not necessarily need, but you're going to want them. These are the vendors that enhance your wedding, and help give your wedding a more personal, sophisticated touch.


Rentals are easily something that could be a wedding necessity. If your venue doesn't already have tables and chairs for you to use for your ceremony and reception, then tables and chairs may be the extent of what you need to rent. If you are looking to enhance the look and feel of your entire wedding, you may want to look into getting some other event rental items. These can range from anything - from unique tables (like farm tables or serpentine tables) and unique chairs (like ghost chairs or crossback chairs), to fancy lounge furniture and even décor (Columns, draping, lighting, chandelier, etc.). Rentals are an absolute must if you want to give your wedding that extra personal touch and to add to your overall wedding atmosphere. One of the trendiest rental items right now is a champagne wall (my personal favorite!), which is a very fun way to welcome guests or have them find their escort card. Another great way to use rentals is to create a reception lounge area with some lounge furniture and nice tables to match. Guests love a place where they can sit and hang out comfortably, and they'll love taking pictures on the furniture! Having a lounge area is a great way to enhance your guests' experience and enhance the overall look of your event so that there are more elements than just your reception tables and chairs. Another great way to utilize rentals is by creating a photo spot! Whether it includes a vintage couch with drapery behind or shelves with flowers and decor in the background, rentals will add the perfect touch to your photo spot and will create a dreamy setting. No matter what look or feel you’re going for for your wedding, there’s a category of rental items for you! You seriously can’t go wrong with some fun and trendy event rental items.


Having a DJ at your wedding is the current norm, and there is nothing wrong with hiring a great DJ! But, if you want to do something a little bit more unique, look no further than live music! This can be anything from a harpist or violinist, to a quintet- or even a live singer! Having live music at a wedding is a great way to help your guests feel more connected to the reception. And it is versatile in the sense that it can be adapted to you ceremony, cocktail hour, AND reception. Live music is timeless and elegant, and it is a wonderful wedding enhancement. A DJ might be the present norm, but live music will never go out of style.


A lot of couples opt for a photo booth at their wedding because it’s a fun interactive thing for guests to do at the wedding, and it’s a great way to preserve the personal memories of the wedding day. Now there are so many other photo booth options, like an inflatable cube photo booth, a magic mirror photo booth, a slow motion video booth, a boomerang video booth, and so much more! Make sure that you fully explore all photo booth options before settling on one, because there are some really unique new options on the market!

SILENT DISCO Usually this is an add-on service provided by a DJ. All guests receive headsets with the ability to change between a few different channels that all showcase different genres or mixes of music. Wedding guests silently rock out to the music channel they select on their headsets. This idea is immersive and totally unique, and it requires guests who are down to have a little fun and will not embarrass easily. Silent discos are a great way to make sure that any noise curfews can be met! And they’re a lot of fun.

LIVE EVENT PAINTER A live event painter is someone who comes to your wedding and paints a portrait of a scene from your wedding. The results are just marvelous! It adds a very timeless and sophisticated feel to your wedding when you have a professionally painted portrait to remember the occasion by.


Mobile bars are super trendy right now! If your catering package or venue doesn't come with bar service and you have the option of bringing a bartender in, consider this fun addition to your wedding. There are so many great local mobile bar companies to choose from. I've seen champagne trucks, beer trucks, coffee and espresso mobile bars, and some fun horse trailer style bars. There's a mobile bar for every taste, and every type of occasion. And the best part? They bring the party to you!


If you, your partner, or your guests like to enjoy fine cigars, having a live cigar roller will surely make your wedding a hit! A cigar bar is fun and interactive, and it will surely attract some attention at your reception.


Ever thought about having live actors at your wedding? Women with metal skirts with champagne glasses, synchronized swimmers, human red carpets (where the outfit extends to a red carpet), etc. Or maybe even an interactive backdrop or decorations? These ideas may sound a little "out there" for a wedding, but they are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests! If you truly want a unique and unforgettable wedding, I would recommend looking into some experiential event companies and their unique offerings. Your guests will love the interactivity and they will not even have to think about being bored at your wedding.

These are just some of the trendy ways that you can elevate your wedding and leave your guests speechless. There are countless others out there! With one or a combination of these things, every guest is sure to remember your special day for years to come. Everyone remembers the really horrible weddings that they’ve been to, and the really amazing weddings that they’ve been to. Which one will yours be?...That's all I have for today's post!

Until next time,

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