NEW PRODUCT LINE! Sweet Surroundings

It seems like finding socially- distant outdoor activities is becoming the norm. Why not celebrate that? My new product line, sweet surroundings, does exactly that! Whether you are at a beach bonfire, camping in your backyard, or camping in the great outdoors, these treats are for YOU! Order your gourmet fireside dessert party kit to create memories and decadent desserts with your friends and family.

Your home has become more than just a safe and relaxing place for you. It has become a gym, a classroom, and a workplace, and if you're like most people right now you're probably going a little stir-crazy and need a change of scenery. With most of the places we enjoy being closed down, what is there to do? Enjoy the outdoors! We are looking at the outdoors with a whole new appreciation. We are seeing a spike in hiking, recreational and backyard camping, beach outings, park picnics, and more. Sweet Surroundings was created so that wherever you go, you can bring a little bit of the party with you.

These kits will include everything you need for a cozy fireside night. Plates, napkins, a recipe (and the dessert ingredients of course!) and even a fun surprise to enhance your fireside dessert experience will all come wrapped up just for you in one beautiful box. You can order a fireside dessert kit for 2, 4, or 10 people. Don't forget to include yourself in the count, because you'll want some of these desserts! All you'll need for these decadent desserts are the ingredients in your gourmet fireside dessert kit, a fire, an outdoor area, some company, and maybe a kitchen tool or two. They're perfect for date night, a fun family adventure, and outing with friends, or for as gifts! One new gourmet flavor will be unveiled each month- starting with our kickoff flavor (and maybe some seasonal surprises!), which will be announced very soon. Stay tuned!