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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself


I'm Alexandria, owner and wedding planner at Alexandria Elaine Event & Design. It's been a while since I've blogged (and believe me, I have been thinking of SO MANY wedding tips and inspiration to share with you during my absence), so I thought I would take some time to briefly introduce myself, my brand, and the services that I offer.

A Little Bit About Me

I grew up in Colfax, California, where I currently reside. I've lived in California my whole life- moving from Colfax to Antelope to San Diego and back. I grew up with a dad who was into politics so naturally I went to many different events, met many interesting people, and experienced many different cultures, religions, and traditions. And it all fascinated me. I knew that when I grew up I wanted a job just like that, where I could continue to expand my knowledge of others and the world, and for every day to be new and exciting (but to stay as far away from politics as possible). I realized I had organizational skills, people/customer service skills, and that I was more of a creative than a 9-5 office job kind of person. I loved being behind the scenes, and I loved being able to watch ideas come to life. I realized then that I was destined to be an event planner. I attended San Diego State University and earned my degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a special emphasis in meetings and events and I did not change my major once. I fell in love with the event industry, and specifically with wedding planning which allowed for a little more creativity and design. Throughout college, I held various hotel internships which helped me understand the venue and catering side of things, and I took various courses and worked various events to help understand the planning side of things. I knew that I wanted to give wedding planning my all and give it a complete approach having had perspectives on all sides of planning. I graduated college in 2019 and got hired to plan my first wedding. Since then, I have put in countless hours to make my wedding planning into a functional business and I'm so proud of how far it's come.

About My Brand

There are plenty of planners in Sacramento, but none just like me. I've worked for years to build a brand that's unique and sets me apart from other Sacramento planners. The brand that I'm so proud to have built stands for quality, curated services, and puts an emphasis on the client experience. It's very easy to create a streamlined one-size-fits-all model for planning and try to plug all of my couples into that equation. But I don't want to do that. I believe every couple 1) deserves services as personalized and unique as their wedding, and 2) should hire the person whose personality and style is the right fit for them. You'll notice that because of the latter, I don't try to book every couple that comes my way, and I also know that I won't be everyone's glass of champagne. My boutique wedding planning services allow me to take on only a select number of clients each year to be able to provide them with the client experience and attention that they deserve (and curate my packages to each client). My brand speaks to clients that are looking for a planning style that's organized and detailed but flexible (we all know that weddings have many variables so the planning and timelines can't be rigid), couples who want a sincere planner who genuinely cheers them on, and to those that enjoy personalized details and romantic, elegant, trendy aesthetic. I share many new wedding trends on my Instagram page, so if you're looking for that you're in the right place! Give me a follow HERE. And if you're looking for a planner who will work with you for a wedding that's polished and classy and a planning experience with a luxury feel that won't break the bank, you're also in the right place. Email me at and let's find a time to connect and discuss your coordination, planning, or design needs.


As I mentioned before, I offer a few different basic planning package options that can all be custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

Week-of Wedding Coordination

This is the equivalent of a day-of coordination package. I don't use the term "Day-of Coordination" because I think it's a little bit of a misnomer- it is unrealistic that a wedding coordinator can show up on the day of your wedding to make everything run smoothly. For that to happen, and for me to have the ability to coordinate with the level of service I aspire to give my clients, there needs to be a lot more pre-work done. For this package, the real coordination begins about two months out (although you'll have me as a resource from the second you book me for advice, vendor suggestions, etc.). This is the timeframe when we'll start planning our 2 detail appointments and venue tour so I can begin working on your timeline and introducing myself to your other vendors. I'll take over all vendor communication the week of your wedding so that you don't have to stress too much that week. And I'll be with you for most of the wedding day- from facilitating setup and checking in on getting ready, to coordinating the day and facilitating breakdown. Find out more about this package HERE.

Complete Wedding Planning Package

If you're looking for someone to help you with the planning process from start to finish, then this is the package for you! We'll create a planning timeline and a realistic budget together, and work to stick with it. I'll help you lock in vendors that I know are professional, insured, and fit what you're looking for. Plus everything in the Week-of Coordination Package. This package is ideal for couples that have an idea of what they want but aren't quite sure how to get there. Learn more about this package HERE.

Complete Wedding Planning + Styling

This package is perfect for couples who would love the guidance of a wedding planner from design conception, to vendor selection and wedding day coordination. We'll work closely together to develop a color palette/theme that accomplishes your vision, works for your budget, and is consistent throughout. We'll create all of the design documents together- from the mood board to the floorplan. In addition to everything offered in the Complete Wedding Planning Package and Week-of Wedding Coordination Package. Read more about this package HERE.


I also offer a variety of add-on services to enhance the packages and tailor them to your needs. These enhancements differ based on the base package that fits your needs. Ask me about the enhancement options that are available to you. As I continue to evolve and perfect my craft, I will also continue to evolve the list of enhancements offered to best serve my couples. Stay posted for an exciting update on this very soon!

In addition to the packages above, I also offer planning for other events. Email to learn more.

That about sums it up! Please browse my website to learn more. As I continue to blog, I'll also be reposting and refreshing previous blogs with more information and insight so stay posted.


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