The Complete Wedding Package

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Wedding planners are like fairy godmothers. You give us the vision and we work to make the magic happen. From design conception, to vendor selection and wedding day coordination, I would be honored to be by your side. The wedding of your dreams is just one step away...

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These are the 3 steps you'll want to take before hiring a full wedding planner:

Step 1

Get Engaged

Take some time to enjoy being engaged. This is an exciting but short time in your life. Cherish it! And enjoy your new engagement with your fiancé before jumping straight into planning. As soon as people get the news of the engagement, they will inevitably pester you for wedding details, but have piece of mind in knowing that IT'S OKAY TO NOT KNOW RIGHT AWAY.

Step 2

Start Sorting Out the Basics

When you and your fiancé are ready to jump into the planning process, here are some details you should start sorting out before doing anything else:

  • Where you want to get married (city/location)

  • How many guests you are inviting

  • What budget you are comfortable with

  • What date/time of year you want the wedding

  • What style/theme will the wedding be

Step 3

Set up a FREE consultation with me over email. I'll take it from here!

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*Price may differ based on add-ons and individual wedding needs