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Mini-Celebrations Can Still Be Fun!

Mini Celebrations Can Still Be Fun!

One of my favorite things to do (and something that I've missed dearly since the pandemic struck) is to host people. My Fiancé and I live in a small rental home, but we are so proud that we have a guest room and guest bathroom, because we LOVE having people over. When it comes to cooking or cleaning the house for ourselves we don’t enjoy it, but when it comes to preparing for a party we are all in! We love to celebrate with friends every chance we get- from dinner parties and holiday parties to everything in between. It has been so hard for us to have such a quiet house all year. So I wanted to take some time to write a blog post of encouragement for anyone out there who's in the same rut that Kyle and I have found ourselves in.

Humans are social animals, and we crave connection and interaction (even introverts like me!). We have gone a year without that, so it's understandable that we need to re-charge that part of our instinct and go out and be social again. Although we still can't have large parties, we still need to find ways fulfill this social need. Just because we can't congregate in groups doesn't mean that life's special moments shouldn't be celebrated (and I'm not just saying that because I'm an event planner haha). I might even argue that now-more than ever- it's especially important to celebrate the little things. Lord knows we are all ready to continue the huge celebrations. But until then, here are some mini-celebration ideas for you to celebrate life's special occasions and the accomplishments of those close to you:

Virtual/ Contact-less

Venmo them some money to buy themselves a drink, coffee, or fun treat

  • Is it somebody’s birthday, engagement, or anniversary? Are they celebrating a promotion at work or other milestone? This is the perfect way to let them know you’re thinking of them and want them to celebrate their milestones- however big or small.

Send them a care package with some fun items like confetti, treats, etc.

  • Is there a celebration or milestone that you can’t celebrate in person? Or perhaps you’re just missing someone a little extra lately. What better way to show someone that they’re love and celebrated?

Send them a pre-recorded video with special messages from friends and family all over

  • This is a great sentimental way to celebrate someone. In a world where we can’t physically be with each other, it can mean the world to someone to see heartfelt messages right from the ones they live the most.

Send them flowers or a cake

  • This is the more traditional way to let someone feel celebrated. Although this might be the most common way to show affection, it certainly should not be discounted. Fresh flowers or a delicious cake never fail to put a smile on someone’s face!

Host a zoom happy hour with friends and family to celebrate

  • This is a great way to socialize with your friends and family again in a safe way. Everyone pours their favorite drink and gets comfy and socialize just like old times (or close to old times at least). For an added bonus, you can even send treats like charcuterie and cocktail mixes to everyone participating in the happy hour so that you can all enjoy the same food and drinks together- just like you're actually in the same room. The possibilities are endless with a zoom happy hour. You can have someone on to do a guided wine, cheese, or chocolate tasting. You can play some virtual games or trivia (charades would be especially hilarious!). You can have a funniest zoom background contest. There really are so many ways that you can spice up a boring zoom call with others.


The latest trend to hit headlines is picnic parties! These are perfect for small brunch celebrations, small candlelit dinner parties, etc. All you need is a wooden table with short legs, some pillows to sit on (yes- it's Moroccan-style!), and some chic table settings and décor. Although we can’t quite (or at least are not supposed to) gather indoors for the dinner parties we used to have, this new open-air (and socially minimized) style of dinner party is the perfect solution. Now that restrictions are being loosened and small gatherings are starting up again in some places, it is the perfect time to see a few friends while also showing some restraint.

Camping is also a great outdoor and socially-distant activity. Every family/ couple brings a tent, and you all hang out together outdoors or around the campfire. Celebrating something? Decorate the campsites! There has been a huge increase in camping during this pandemic, because everyone is realizing what a great way it is to more safely hang out with others. There's also something nice about camping out in the outdoors (or a big backyard). Taking time amidst the chaos to re-set in nature and be appreciative of all of the little things that we are abled to still enjoy. If you're looking for a getaway with others (and most things still aren't open yet in your area), camping might be just what you need.

I hope this post gave you some great and attainable ideas on how to not halt your socializing. It is SO important to have friends and family around, and to have that interaction with them. You may have to get a little creative during this time to socialize safely, but there are most definitely ways that you can make get-togethers and celebrations work.

Until Next Time,


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