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Looking Ahead to a Bright Future of Alexandria Elaine Events


I know it's been a while since I have done a new blog post so I thought this one would be a great introductory one for those of you who have recently found yourselves on my page. My name is Alexandria, and I am the owner of Alexandria Elaine Events. I started Alexandria Elaine Events back in 2019 as a passion project while I finished out college. I went to school to become a meeting and event planner, and always knew the goal was to plan weddings. I interned for wedding planners and took courses in college to learn more. I signed on my first wedding in 2019 which I coordinated in the Fall of 2019 after finishing college, and then COVID hit shortly after, putting a 2+ year hiatus on events. Since I wasn't able to plan any events for a while or attend networking events to meet other vendors, I got to work on my brand. I researched color psychology, how to find your ideal couple, brand mood boards, entrepreneurship, and technology that would help me improve my social media skills, photo editing, website, and wedding planning. All while blogging, attending virtual seminars on event planning and the effect of COVID, keeping on top of wedding trends, planning my own wedding, working a full time day job, and actively trying to recruit couples through social media and my website. Needless to say, it has been a very productive and transformative couple of years.

I started 2022 with a new logo and new look and feel for my brand and I am proud to say this is a more accurate reflection of the brand that I've envisioned from the start. I had the time to deconstruct my brand's values and what I really care about conveying to my couples. There has been much introspection and a lot of thought put into this business and I finally think that it shows. Just since the rebrand, I have more than doubled my amount of inquiries and clients compared to last year. I didn't expect much when I started this business out- only to help make people happy. And now I have streamlined processes in place to ensure that I can continue to help couples for years to come. And I have learned so much!

The rebrand that I did made me realize that I won't be everyone's cup of tea and that is completely okay. Rather than try and help out as many couples as I can, I am choosing to specialize in a style that's more modern, romantic, and polished while also giving clients a personalized experience. This is not for everyone- as I know there are many personality and wedding planning styles out there to choose from. I am now focused on helping couples that I believe I am best outfitted to help. And I'll be the first to admit if I don't think I'm the best match for you. What matters is that you find your match. Because choosing the person you trust with your wedding is a tough and very personal decision- you're going to want to make sure you get it right.

I started this business by doing just day-of coordination (which I no longer call day-of coordination) and this year I'm finally getting into event design and styled shoots and I am having the best time with it all! I still have a 9-5 desk job which brings me stability and predictability, while being a wedding planner lets me use the creative feel-good parts of my brain. I am looking forward to continuing to grow my business doing the things I love- helping create happy memories for people, crying happy tears for my couples when they walk down the aisle, showing my creative abilities to transform a space, and meeting so many wonderful new people along the way.

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