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Life is about moments. If we are not living our lives in a way that creates beautiful memories from those moments, then we are not living life to its fullest potential.

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My mission as a wedding and event planner is to help create those lasting memories, and to plan out extraordinary experiences- not just events. I believe that events can be powerful. They can bring people together. They can leave an impression. They can start movements and create change. They can make statements. And they can be used to celebrate all of life's little moments- from beginning to end. And I think that is truly beautiful. I started Alexandria Elaine Events because I am passionate about bringing people together, invoking emotions, delighting guests, and inspiring memories.


Since starting Alexandria Elaine Event & Design in 2019, I have graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism with a special emphasis in meetings and events, moved back up to my hometown in the Sacramento area, adapted to the ever-changing rules of a health pandemic, and married my wonderfully supportive husband after planning our very own wedding for a year and a half.


All of those experiences have made me better at what I do. With unique experiences and perspectives, I have become a more thoughtful and client experience-centered wedding planner. So if you're looking for a wedding professional that understands the unique life phase you are going through, and one that aims to give you a seamless and personalized client experience, I just might be the wedding planner for you!  I specialize in weddings that are romantic, thoughtful and elegant, and I can't wait to start planning yours...

-Alexandria Elaine Macdonald,
Wedding & Even
t Planner


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