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Cheers! To the Perfect Wedding Toast

Are you someone who has been asked to give a toast at an upcoming wedding? Maybe you are reading this because you want to do a little research so that you can tackle the toast prepared, or maybe you've been sent this link by someone. Whether you are the Best Man, Maid of Honor, a parent of the Bride or Groom, or a close friend, you've come to the right place! This post will serve as your ultimate guide to the perfect wedding toast.

Do's and Don'ts



Add a personal touch

Tell inside jokes that won't be funny to the audience

Keep it short and sweet- 5 minutes or less.

Tell super embarrassing stories about the Bride or Groom

Talk about both the Bride and Groom- not just one of them the whole time

Bring up past relationships of the Bride or Groom

Introduce yourself and your relation to the Bride/Groom if the DJ doesn't introduce you

End the speech on a positive not

Bring a hard copy of your toast to the wedding just in case you can't remember or freeze, or someone else has to give the speech for you

Perfect Wedding Toast Template

(with a little bit of humor added)





Start by introducing yourself and talking about how you know the Bride and/or Groom

"Hello! for those of you who don't know me, my name is Anne and I am the sister of the Bride."


Talk about the person you knew before meeting their spouse and then connect it to how the person is now with the spouse

"My sister and I have always been the closest of friends. We used to play a lot of imaginary games as kids and one of our favorite games to play was "Princess Wedding," where one of us would dress up like a princess (I'm sure you can guess which one of us that was...), and the other one would dress up as a potential suitor and would try and woo the princess into marrying him. Then we got to plan a big royal wedding. Well I'm standing here today to say that she finally found a prince to plan the big wedding of her dreams (fit for a princess), and thank goodness it's not me!"


Talk about the first time you met the spouse and what you think of them

​"The first time I met [Groom], I knew he would be a great addition to our family someday. He treats [Bride] with the patience, love, and respect that I didn't have while playing the role of her prince as her sister. In all seriousness though, I view him as an older brother, and I know that my family all accepts him with open arms. [Bride] couldn't have found a more perfect match."


End with happy wishes for the future and "Cheers!" (don't forget to raise your glass during the "Cheers!")

"[Groom], welcome to the family. I am so incredibly happy for you both, and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together. Cheers to the happy couple!"

Pro Tips

Think outside of the box. The below video is a fun example of an alternative wedding toast- where the Maid of Honor decided to deliver her toast in the styling of a popular song:

Don’t be afraid to do something a little different than just speaking for 5 minutes. And that’s a quick wedding toast 101! Don’t overthink it or psych yourself out and you‘ll do just fine.

Until Next Time,

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