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Fall is Upon Us!

Although Autumn does not officially start until September 22, we can already smell the pumpkin spice in the air! My fellow Californians and I are ready for cooler weather and crisp leaves, and our Facebook feeds have us wishing they were already here. With Fall creeping in comes the gorgeous golden color palettes and cozy candlelit weddings that we've missed so much. The weather isn't quite here yet, but we can certainly dream... In honor of an impending Autumn, here are some Fall wedding trends (old and new) that have us feeling all warm and fuzzy:

Hot Chocolate Bar: You've heard of espresso bars at weddings, and maybe even bubbly bars, but have you ever seen a hot chocolate bar at a wedding? When that brisk weather hits, your guests will surely be pleased to find out that they can fill up a cup with some delicious hot chocolate to warm their hands and their soul. We're talking all of the fixings too- chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, marshmallows, peppermint pieces, whipped cream, etc.

Blanket/ Wrap Favors: This is a classic Fall wedding favor usually accompanied by a sign that says something along the lines of "To have and to hold, and to keep you out of the cold." These make for great favors that guests will actually use during your wedding and beyond.

Pies: Along with prime apple-picking season comes the substitution of one of the most significant wedding details (the cake) for pies. If you don't particularly care for cake, maybe pies or a mini pie bar are the right choice for you! Think warm apple pie with ice cream, cream pie, or pumpkin/pecan pie closer to Thanksgiving. With so many seasonal flavors to choose from, there's sure to be flavors to please all of your guests' palettes.

Naked Cakes: Naked cakes are always very prevalent during the Fall wedding season, and they look beautiful with a few flowers placed on them. A perfect natural-looking centerpiece to compliment some Fall scenery.

Wedding Capes and Outerwear: What's more fabulous than a wedding dress? A wedding cape/cloak to match! As the weather cools down, we'll start to see these types of wedding pieces once again. Whether they are sheer and adorned with crystals, or luxurious white silk, I am here for it! We'll also start to see shawls and other forms of beautiful wedding outerwear popping up in the coming months.

Outdoor Indoor Receptions: What is the greatest benefit of fall weddings but also the worst part? The weather. We love to see Fall colors and feel the cool breeze that summer weddings just don't offer, but there's no way of knowing at the time of booking if the weather will be in your favor at an outdoor venue. But the benefit of booking an outdoor venue is the beautiful view of the Fall colors. So what do you do? Rent a clear event tent, where colors can be admired, rain can be heard (if it decides to make an appearance), and guests can still stay warm and dry.

Autumn inspires many beloved wedding trends, and these are just a few to start. I will be posting more on fall weddings throughout the season. So grab a cup of hot chocolate, and let's take the time to slow down and enjoy this season. And don't forget that rain on your wedding is good luck!

Until Next Time,

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