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Live With My #PartyPeople

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Live With My #PartyPeople; A Weekly Instagram Live Series Spotlighting Some of the Most Unique and Knowledgeable Vendors in the Industry Blog Post
Alexandria Elaine Events | Live With My #PartyPeople

When we began to enter our 3rd month of the stay at home order, I was starting to feel bored, anxious, and without a sense of purpose, much like a lot of you. I have missed networking and seeing my vendors and clients face-to-face. I also missed meeting with new vendors and potential partners, and touring venues. I think it's very easy to start feeling overwhelmed when you are prohibited from doing the things that you normally do. So I started to think. How could I bring people back together, and continue to educate myself and meet new and exciting wedding vendors? Thus, an Instagram Live series was born. I decided on the name "Live with my Party People," because I thought that it sounded exciting and fun- like one big party. I wanted to give vendors and clients a platform to mingle, plan, and feel normal again. I also wanted it to be an educational platform for my clients so that they had access to multiple resources and vendor ideas when planning out their wedding. I have never done an Instagram Live before, so I was a little nervous as to how things would work out. I reached out to some vendors and decided that June would be the month I would start, and I had enough vendors on board that I could feature a new special guest each week. The following are summaries of how the first 2 turned out for anyone who missed it or would like a


Left Coast Quintet-San Diego

This was my very first episode in the Live with my #PartyPeople series. I spoke with Dan Weiss, the owner of Left Coast Quintet. It was an exciting episode for me for 2 reasons: 1) Because I actually met Dan and his wife when I was trying to start out as a wedding planner, and I don't know if they remember it or not but they were so kind to me when I introduced myself to them at a wedding show where I was trying to network with vendors, and 2) because having live event music is SO classy and trending right now. What a fun way to get your guests engaged and have a good time by having people playing your wedding songs in real time! Dan and I talked about live music vs a DJ, the process of the quintet learning a new song, what types of songs they can play, and how they can enhance your event. If you are considering having live music at your next event, I highly encourage it! Click the picture to see the full episode->

Sacramento Event Co- Sacramento

This was the second episode of #livewithmypartypeople where I spoke with Jennifer Corrigan, the owner of Sacramento Event Co. We had a fantastic conversation about how to up your next event with their modern and classy luxury event rentals. They have everything from tables and chairs to bars, lounge furniture, and even customizeable pillows! After speaking with Jennifer I have a much greater appreciation for the art of furniture rentals- from ordering furniture that is predicted to trend, to curating where to place the furniture to achieve the greatest flow and level of client and guest appreciation. What the Sacramento Event Co. does is truly an art form. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are considering lounge furniture rentals to level up the atmosphere of your event, that you contact them to see what they can do for you! If you missed this episode, click on the picture to be re-directed to it.

And that concludes weeks 1 and 2 of Live with my #PartyPeople! For those of you that haven't seen any of the episodes, I think you should really consider it. Not only do you get to hear more about how these different vendors and businesses operate and hear more about the services that they provide, but you'll get to see firsthand the community that you have backing you in your planning journey. You get to see an industry (arguably one of the industries that was hit the hardest) rise up and respond to the challenges that we are all facing. You get to hear firsthand pandemic planning advice from people who have been through many bumps in the road. And you get the comfort of knowing that you are not alone and it's okay to have to pivot and re-plan.

I have had so much fun re-connecting with people again, and finding helpful ways to serve my clients. I sincerely hope that this fun weekly miniseries gives you all the insight and answers that you need from all of your wedding professionals at this time. This time can be a scary time to plan, but I hope after hearing from these industry professionals, you'll realize we're all in this together, and your wedding pros are ready to hype you up or do whatever is needed to help. Until next time!

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