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To DIY, or Not To DIY?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

To DIY or Not to DIY? Blog Post
Alexandria Elaine Events | To DIY or Not to DIY?

For this quarantine wedding planning blog post, get ready for some extremely helpful pointers on DIY Decor. Is it tacky? Is it expensive? Is it worth it? Stay tuned, and all of your questions will be answered!

A fun wedding component that you can work on at home would be your wedding decorations and favors. Decorations are something that you'll want to have a budget for, and you'll want to be sure and stay within your budget with any DIY supplies that you choose to purchase. Stay tuned for a future post on budget. If you cannot stay within your budget on DIY supplies or if the DIY method of making a decoration comes out to be more expensive than just buying or renting the actual product/decoration, then maybe the DIY route isn't the best option for you.

To start thinking about what decorations you can make on your own, you might want to ask yourself these questions: What decorations can I DIY? What craft supplies do I have at home or have the ability to get? Do I have a place to store decorations right now? That last question is a super important one to answer, because the worst thing you could do is put a lot of work into making some beautiful decorations and then realize that you have no proper place to store them safely until the wedding. You'll want to make sure that the decorations have a place to go that is waterproof, dust proof, kid and pet proof and will have enough room to ensure that the decorations will keep their shape.

Some people think that DIY is cheesy looking, and I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be! Yes, there are certain things that you should never attempt to DIY unless you are an expert. But there are certainly many things that you can do with the right knowledge, tools, and care that will look great at your wedding. Check out my "Classy DIY Decor" board on Pinterest for some great DIY decor inspiration and step-by-step instructions!

Here are some great DIY wedding options:

  • Namecards/ Seating Chart

  • Centerpieces

  • Faux Flower Displays

  • Head Table Decor

  • Photobooth Props

  • Wedding Signs

  • Chair Sashes/ Decor

  • Confetti

  • Table Numbers

And here are some more-involved DIY project ideas:

  • Bar

  • Champagne Wall/ Donut Wall

  • Dessert Display Stands/Table

  • 3-D Decor

  • Hedge/ Floral Wall

One more thing that I'm covering in this blog post is wedding favors. Everyone has mixed opinions on them- how much to spend, if there should be any, if everyone should get the same thing, etc. No matter what your ideas are on price or if everyone should get the same thing, I can guarantee you that there will be some DIY component to them. The DIY component could be a sweet "Thank you" message from the bride and groom, or a cute saying that goes with the favor (for example, a cookie with the saying "Love is sweet, take a treat"). You can begin to work on these and narrow down what (if any) you would like your favors to be. Some questions you might want to ask when brainstorming the perfect wedding favor are: Do we want it to be funny? Do we want to cater to adults AND kids? Do we want it to be sentimental and somehow pertain to our relationship? Do we want it to be edible (lots of cute and yummy options here!)? Do we want it to be useful? Whatever the case may be, these questions should certainly help you to start brainstorming options. Pinterest, Amazon, and the internet have some really great and unique wedding favor ideas and are all great resources to utilize when thinking about favors (and pretty much any other part of the wedding, too). A great way to get favor ideas is to see what items you are able to buy in bulk. The other thing you want to think about is how you will be giving out your favors. Will they be on a table that will need a "Favors" sign? You might want to make the sign for that. Will they be placed at each table setting? Will they be tied to each placecard on a table at the front? There's a DIY component that you might be able to do in advance.

This post is not intended to overwhelm you but to instead get you thinking more creatively about the components that you see in your wedding and how each of them will work. I hope this helps spark some inspiration for all of you creative couples while stuck at home.

So get out there (not literally of course) and get crafting!

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