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A Month of Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

When we first began our self isolation 2 weeks ago, my fiancé and I had a tough time finding ways to connect. We had gotten all too used to our lazy work-from-home ritual of sitting on the couch for 8 hours only breaking for lunch, making dinner, eating in the living room while watching TV, and then going to bed only to do the same thing again each day. Then, the idea of quarantine date nights were born…

Okay, so I know that “Date Night” has been around forever, and that just because we’re in quarantine does not make my idea an original one. But the thought that we put into our date nights was certainly something original. We agreed that we would alternate each Friday night who got to pick the date night activity for the night. Because I believe that intentional time spent together is a key to a great relationship/marriage, I wanted to share some of those “Quarantine Date Night” ideas with you. These suggestions are for any couple, and I hope that they spark the same relationship joy and wedding planning inspiration as they did to me. Here are 4 date night ideas, one for each Friday in April:

A Month of Quarantine Date Night Ideas Blog Post
Alexandria Elaine Events | A Month of Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Couples Date Night

This date night is fun and light hearted. Cash this one in when you miss your couple-friends, or just want to spend time with others and have a fun and carefree night. This date night requires no preparation. For this date night, you can invite your couple-friends to video chat or play a virtual game. Websites like offer a selection of multiple- player games including Cards Against Humanity. Other websites include and MSN Games. So check your internet connection, pour yourselves some drinks, and get socializing already!


This date night is lots of fun. Cash this one in when you both feel like being a little artistic or creative. This date night requires some preparation. Have you ever seen the show Chopped? Well, welcome to Chopped: Quarantine Couple Edition. For this date night, you and your partner will each pick out 3-5 ingredients from the kitchen that the other must use in their dish. Using all of the ingredients chosen for you by your partner, you have 1 hour to make the best appetizer/entree/dessert (you choose. Or for an added bonus you can do all 3 as separate rounds with new challenge ingredients.) May the best chef win!

May I Have This Dance?

This date night is romantic and fun! Cash this one in on a night where you both need to connect emotionally and do something spontaneous and outside of the ordinary. It requires minimal preparation, if any. For this date night, surprise your loved one by clearing out a space in the living room, setting up dance tutorial videos on your computer or TV, get dressed up nice, and learn how to dance together (or become better at dancing). If you are trying to plan your wedding during quarantine like I am, you can use this time to practice some suave moves for your first dance. My fiancé and I even put on the song we selected as our first dance song to test out the tempo. This makes for a great and unforgettable date night.

Back to Our Roots

This date day idea is a sentimental one. Cash this in on a day where you both want to get out of the house, or you need to be reminded of how much you love and care about one another. It requires no preparation. For this date, you will have your significant other hop in the car and surprise them on the destinations (blindfold optional). The destinations? All of the places nearby that are sentimental to you both. Think of it as a tour of your relationship, or a trip down memory lane. At each destination, you can explain to your partner the significance of that place to your relationship in a heartfelt mini-speech (bonus points if you want to prepare the speeches ahead of time). The best part? You don’t even have to leave your car! This will guarantee a fun and sentimental day

If you tried out any of these date night ideas, I'd love to see your comments and pictures below!Let me know what you thought of them, and if you'd like to see another date night plan for next month!

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