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(Another) Month of Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

(Another) Month of Quarantine Date Night Ideas
Alexandria Elaine Events | (Another) Month of Quarantine Date Night Ideas

So at this point, we're already over one month in to our quarantine (as I type this it sounds crazy!), and we're probably all going a little stir-crazy. Even though we've been stuck in living quarters with the same spouse this whole time, we must not forget to find a way to cherish the time spent with them and to be intentional with it. I'm sure most of you have read my first post about a month of quarantine date night ideas, so here's the second installment for another month of date night ideas at home (mostly)!

Movie Theater (Almost)

Right now, almost everything that you love doing on a date is closed. Yet somehow there is something recreational that remains open: the drive in movie theater. Depending on where you are located, there might be an open drive in near you! Did you enjoy going to the movie theater with your spouse? Make this an even cozier experience than the theater while still getting to go out somewhere. Get some comfy clothes, blankets and pillows, and some snacks and get ready to get comfy while watching the movie of your choice and listening to it from your tailgate or the comfort of your car. Some drive ins will let you bring in your own food so you can totally make a date out of it and pick up a pizza or some ice cream.

A Night in the Wilderness

This is a fun one for outdoorsy couples/families! Set one night aside for a campout in your backyard. Pitch a tent, build a campfire to cook from for the next 24 hours (don't forget to pack up some s'mores fixings!), and get ready to stargaze and exchange campfire stories. Sometimes a change of scenery for a night can go a long way.

Couple's Game and Chill

This date night is ideal for a night where you and your partner want to take a step back and really get to know each other and spend some more intimate time together. You'll want to order a couples' card game (Amazon has a great selection). There are all sorts of couples cards out there- ones that prompt you to get to know your spouse better by taking turns asking reflective questions, to ones that have more intimate prompts. No matter which set you choose, these cards can be a great way to reconnect! Set aside a night when you're focused solely on each other with no distractions and pour yourselves some wine and start playing cards! You can learn some things you didn't previously know about each other, connect on deeper levels, and you may even end up laughing together about how ridiculous some of the cards are.

Helpful Tip: If you don't have a couples' card game or don't want to wait for one to be shipped to you, you and your spouse can write truth and dare prompts on scratch pieces of paper, fold them up, and mix them in a jar (or writing on popsicle sticks works as well) and take turns drawing them and answering or completing the dare. The dares and questions will only be as crazy as you make them.

Dress Me Up

This date requires a little bit of effort, and is for a night when you feel like getting dressed up. For this date, you and your partner each get to pick out what the other person wears for the rest of the night (can be dressy, or for a fun element you can make the outfits comical). Then between you and your partner you get to decide who is going to be the bartender and who is going to be the cook. The bartender's job is to keep the drinks coming and the cook is tasked with preparing dinner. Wherever the rest of the night takes you after your nice dinner together is up to you. This date puts a fun spin on "All dressed up with nowhere to go."

Bonus Daytime Date: Picnic and Hike

This day date is for adventurous couples who need to get out of the house. It requires some preparation in the form of packing a picnic lunch before the hike. Pick a hike you both love and a spot you both like on the hike. Set out a blanket and a nice picnic lunch to enjoy before finishing the hike. If you're animal lovers like me and my guy, you'll want to bring some peanuts to feed the squirrels. This date is a fun way to unwind, relieve stress, and get outside. What better way to reward you both for getting off of the couch than with a tasty lunch?

I hope you enjoyed this installment of quarantine date night ideas. Because this time has been so hard on couples, it is SO important that we take time to reconnect and remember the good in our relationships. Relationships are work, and just because we've stopped working at our jobs doesn't mean we should put a pause on working on our relationships, too. I'd love to hear more about your quarantine dates in the comments below!

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