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Unique Wedding Themes

If you're looking for a way to enhance your attendees' experience at your wedding, and you want a theme to your wedding other than just your selected colors, this one's for you! This post celebrates all of the creative couples out there. Let's take a walk on the wild side and explore these unique wedding themes:

Costume Party/Halloween

How fun is this spooky holiday?! If you are a Halloween enthusiast, then a Halloween-themed wedding might be for you! You could make it ultra spooky or Halloween chic. You can have spooky-themed appetizers and decorations. For an extra fun twist, require that all of your guests wear costumes.

50's Sockhop

Do you love the 50's? Host a sockhop for your wedding to get everyone dancing! Rent out a roller skating rink for your reception and encourage people to get out on the roller rink floor in their socks for the dancing fun after food.

Bowties and Bubbly

For the classy Bride and Groom, this theme is sure to live up to all of your lavish expectations. Think black tie attire, and black and white sophisticated wedding look with highlights of gold/champagne colors. You can have champagne bottles on display, and a champagne tower/ wall to greet your guests. Just make sure you have the supply of champagne to back the theme up!

Disney- Inspired

This is one of the more popular unique wedding themes. Are you and your partner Disney lovers? Then this theme might be for you! From the centerpieces and favors to the catering and cake, you can incorporate Disney into the details. This is certainly a fun one, and you can have it look as cheesy and obvious, or as classy and subtle as you'd like.


This one's for all of the animal lovers out there! Instead of having wedding colors, why not have animal print patterns? This one is a little out-there for me, but it is certainly a unique idea.

Cloud 9

Are you and your significant other on cloud 9? What better way to show that than by having a heavenly wedding! Use white/ light pastel decorations and find fun ways to incorporate clouds into your theme (centerpieces, cake, fog machine during first dance, etc). This one is sure to leave a sweet impression on your guests.

Pressed/ Dried Flowers

If you think that real flowers tend to get overplayed at weddings, then go for this unique concept! Instead of centerpieces and décor with real flowers, find ways to use pressed and dried flowers all around. Pressed/dried flowers and petals can be incorporated into the stationary (invites and save-the-dates), party favors, guest book, flower girl baskets (in place of real petals), and to decorate the cake and buffet table. This one takes a little bit of creativity, but it is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests with its uniqueness.


What's better than a 5- hour wedding celebration? A 24-hour wedding celebration! In theory, it sounds like a lot more work, but it can be done on a tight budget and there are a lot of ways that you can get creative with it. Look at renting an outdoor venue or campground big enough for the reception and guests to pitch tents if they desire. This way, the dancing and partying can continue through the night and guests don't have to worry about driving home late.

Black and White Ball

Are you like me and love all things elegant? A Black and White Ball-themed wedding might be for you! Require that your guests wear their formal best (tuxedos and gowns), and make your wedding timeless with black and white colors.